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Drive Shaft Dearing Heat Sheild

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Hi All

Wondering if anyone can offer help or advice :)

I have an 03 Fiesta 1.4 Ztec i notice a strange rattling when driving and looking underneath there is a piece of metal sliding loose on the drive shaft (drivers side)

I think this is the drive shaft bearing heat shield but i cannot find the item any were online or a bearing with the heat shield.

Is the shield needed? or can it just be removed, were would i find one?

I tried to take some pics but none turned out that were viewable, but the below vid on you tube at 0:45 the guy points to the exact piece.


Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated


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Get some bigger washers on the screws that hold  up the heatshield and replace the old ones with these that will re hold the heatshield up.A common problem with the heat shield on any part of the car as it gets older  if yours is a 2003 I'm surprised it has still survived and still there and not dropped off long ago. Probably find if you look other parts of the  exhaust heatshield is hanging a bit somewhere else too (maybe not).As you said if it annoys you a lot just take it off it won't hurt the car in any way at all as in real terms its not a major part and will still pass the MOT no problem with out.


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