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KA rear wiper only moves incrementally

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Hi everyone,

Wondering if you could help...

We have a 2011 KA Zetec, for a while the rear wiper hasn't been self parking, while annoying hasn't been too much of a problem.

But now it will only move say 5deg out of the full ~160 degrees of its movement each time I turn it on at the stalk. So to do a full wipe means switching it off and on, off and on etc.

My thoughts were a relay fault(?) but there doesn't seem to be a wiper relay in the engine bay.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated



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I'm not sure where the relay is for these, but I have read the tailgate loom is a common failure.  Might be worth peeling back the rubber boot between the chassis and tailgate to see if you've got some damaged wires there.

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