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powerfold mirror issue


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hello, I am not particularly savvy in terms of this so I do apologise. got into car this evening and mirrors unfolded as per usual, got home locked car and passenger side mirror folded back but driver side mirror stayed out. tried using the button on the door and again only passenger side moves, does sound like drivers side is trying to move but doesn't, have also tried the link to lock or whatever it is called in the vehicle settings on display but still no luck. not sure as to what the issue is, had issue a month or so back where both wouldn't fold with key, but managed to solve that one via button and in car settings. and looking for some advice as to what this may be whther it is fuse wiring, mirror, and a crazy one not sure whteher it would affect this or not could the battery in key have something to do with them having folding issues. may be off the reservation on that one just not sure. hope someone can help. many thanks in advance.

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I had this happen on my last car.   I just pushed it into place and it was OK after that.

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