1999 Puma 1.7 for sale

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Looking to sell my puma. It's due to go through its MOT in the next couple of weeks but happy to sell with or without MOT. Details are as follows it's silver and has puma decals down the side and on the bonnet. Just over 53k on the clock and some service history but I've not had it serviced in the year that I've owned it. I'm not aware of any mechanical issues but it currently does have the following problems:

Needs new gas struts on the boot. 

Previous owner put in an aftermarket stereo but the head isn't fixed in very well so although it works it falls down

Seat belt pretensioner warning light is flashing (if I put through the MOT this would have to be resolved though)

I'm open to offers on the car as it doesn't really owe me anything however I have told my son he can have the proceeds of the sale so I guess final day might be with him. I've tried uploading a couple of pictures but it tells me me the files are too large

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