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Engine malfunction p1260 fault code

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Hi, new here although I've had my focus for a few years now.


Car is a 60 plate 1.6 tdci with keyless entry, I have a problem when on pressing the ignition button on I get an engine malfunction and the car won't start, will not even attempt to turn over.


By turning the ignition on and off repeatedly it will eventually come to life and start.


I have had the fault codes read and have a P1260 code which relates to a PATS problem.


I have stripped the instrument cluster and found a dry joint on the multi connector, this was re soldered by an electronics engineer I work with.


The problem is still there after this and is noticeably worse in hot weather.


I am also getting a key not detected message every now and then when it's playing up although the key will still lock and unlock the car.


I have tried both the keys I have with new batteries.


Once the car does start there are no other problems, no limp mode etc.


Does anyone have any idea what to check next?




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Update for anyone with same issues. I checked pins 6 and 14 of the obd port for 60 ohms reading, on moving the cluster I get the 60 ohms or a high resistance reading. 

This narrows it down to wiring or the multi plug itself, thinking maybe the pins have opened up slightly in the plug?

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