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Why my titanium a bit difference?


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I've bought fiesta titanium 58 reg. 

I've got keyless entry and keyless start/stop

Most of the titanium's hasn't got


And wondering why my tire rim shape also different. 

1st pic is usual titanium's got

2nd is mine. 


Thanks. $_86.JPGFiesta-Titanium-Zetec-16-Alloy-Wheel-Wit

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I believe those were a cost option.


when I looked at a fiesta it had them on so looked into this and found that they were a cost option 

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Optional extras from new,i have a 2011 Titanium and have a nice bit of stuff on it which i have not seen one like even looking on eBay,there is

a name for the extra pack and then you add the extra yourself after,my pack was (i think) full elec windows/larger alloys (zetec S ones 17'') full leather/sony unit

folding mirrors but i dont know what comes it the pack back in 2011 and what he added when he ordered it.

The chap also added Reverse camera in center mirror which cost him a extra £500 but he didn't add keyless stuff which i aint a big fan of anyway.

I had the same when i had mine didn't have a clue what was standard or a pack and then added stuff.



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