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Dealer say car has been built but no VIN number?


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Hey everyone,

First time buying a new car so sorry if its a stupid question!

The dealership told me when I was buying the car that it was already built and just waiting to be shipped out to them(Main reason why I bought it as my car is dying!)

I contacted them asking if I can have the VIN number but they said the system is saying it doesn't have one as it has not updated yet but as soon as it has they will email me.

Is this normal? I see alot of people saying they receive a VIN number before their car is even built!

If this is the case I will definitely be making a complaint as they've lied to me to make a sale!



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6 hours ago, alexp999 said:

Vin gets assigned a few weeks before it's built.

If it's built, it will have a VIN.


Ask for a screenshot of the vista order status screen.


Luckily I know someone who works at ford so they will look into it for me as the dealership aren't being helpful and the guy who I dealt with is now away.

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