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MK7.5 ST-Line Radio

Nick Y

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I need a bit of help here guys. 
I need to know what type of Sync system I'm using and whether or not it can be upgraded to a newer version. 
I know it has DAB radio installed, navigation, aux input (USB and line in) and some bluetooth connectivity for calls (not sure about music streaming from the phone).
If anyone could identify the type of system it is and whether or not I could have it upgraded to a better version I'd be grateful (when I say upgraded I mean the whole unit and not just the software).




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You can upgrade to the Sony system with larger full colour screen. Your Sync version is available through the menu options. Sync 1.1 is the most modern version in UK Mk7.5s. 


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If the year is 2017 then it will be 1.1. The only really difference is track names via bluetooth. Given that you didn't even know that you can bluetooth stream music, it wouldn't make a difference what Sync version you have.

As stated the only upgrade is the Sony system (unless you went aftermarket), but the differences are very minimal and very costly (talking more than £250 if you want sat nav and DAB still). Pretty sure it just has a slightly better amplifier but you'd then have to change your Speakers.

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Thanks for the replies guys. Not worth swapping over to the Sony system then if there's almost no difference. The Sony one does look better though and I'm surprised that it wasn't included so late in the production run (the Mk8 came out just weeks after this car was registered). 
Luke, it's not that I didn't know about being able to stream music from my phone, I've never bothered trying it as I have my music on a USB stick and I use my phone for calls via bluetooth. I get very little data for the use of Spotify etc and the battery on my phone doesn't last long if streaming etc. 

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