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MK8 Fiesta Titanium x 1.0 125 Ecoboost MPG


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Hi all,


I am hoping someone can advise.

TBH I must admit I've never really paid much attention to my mpg in previous cars, however, I had a MK7 same build etc as my MK8, I was filling up every 4 weeks roughly and doing around 10 miles of small town driving a day with the odd trip up and down the mway.

In my new fiesta my average mpg according to the display is 31.8 (it's only just gone up to this after being stuck around 28 for weeks!) and I am filling up every 2 weeks on the dot! I am driving the same as I've always done. 2300 miles done in the car so far.

My fuel level will all of a sudden drop up to say 30 miles - for example, I was on the mway the other day, driving around 70mph, 6th gear, clear run, fuel was on 296 to empty, by the time I had traveled to the next junction (7 miles) my fuel was reading 266 to empty!

I completed my journey home a few hours later and when I arrived home my fuel was at 274 and average mpg still the same.

I just find it ridiculous that I am having to fill up so often in comparison to my old MK7 when nothing has changed.

Can anyone offer any insights please? So far I've been fobbed off with that I can take a while for mpg to settle.




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I have a 2017 Fiesta ST-Line Ecoboost 1.0 140ps which is my daily driver.

I get around 53 mpg and the range is around 420 miles with one tank of BP Ultimate Unleaded...

Have you tried to reset the mpg / average speed / trip counters, etc, once you top up the tank and see how it performs?


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My brand new MK8 1L ecoboost 140 (around 1500 miles on clock) returned 53.5MPG on recent trip to Cornwall from West Midlands according to trip computer. In fact 51.5MPG for trip there and back plus all the driving on the Cornish roads once down there. I thought that was pretty good going... Trip computer is pretty accurate, less then 1MPG too high.

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