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Can you disable the tyre pressure sensors?


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Hi, the tyre pressure sensor system on my old Mondeo Estate (2008) has caused me hassle for a long time - and I've always had a yellow warning about there being a fault (this was after the garage who replaced my front tyres told me the sensors were not reusable and wanted to charge me £150 each for new sensors -  I refused to pay them. Now I know that was a crock, but it's too late to sort it out now). Anyway, I just had a leak where the valve fits onto the sensor and the garage (a different one) has told me that I'd need a new sensor to be able to carry on using the system. I assumed the same yellow warning would just appear but now I get a red one telling my to check tyre pressure and I can't get rid of it, meaning I can't see my mileage, average fuel, distance to empty etc. It's a pain in the bum. One of the sensors always read the same pressure regardless so the whole thing is just a bit broken.

So what I'd like to know it, can I disable the whole system somehow (it wouldn't be an MOT fail as my car is older than 2014 apparently),  or would the hack I've found online where you put the sensor in a pressurised pipe be effective (is it really that simple??), or would a sensor taken from a scrapped car just work with mine or would it need programming? Thank you so much for your help.

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Depending on the sensor type there is a module available which emulates the sensors and tricks the system into believing all sensors are present and functioning -

You'd need to check compatability by following tge instructions in the listing.
Tbh, replacement sensors aren't too pricey, it's just the cost of removing and refitting that adds up.
A decent tyre place like ATS or a reasonable independent would be best, avoid QwikFit as they love to charge more for less.

Sent from my SM-G965F (S9+)

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