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Loose Steering And Squeal When Chaning From 1St To 2Nd

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Hi all!

I'm a new driver, my first and current car is an 02 Fiesta 1.4 Zetec and overall im very happy with my purchase... however, there are a couple of things that are troubling me.

Firstly, the steering feels really loose to me... especially to the left, it doesnt have that much play but it seems large movements in the wheel result in too small movements in the wheels.

Secondly, when i change gear up into second from first i sometimes get a squealing noise, just for a second or two as i reingage the clutch.

When i purchased the car i put it through a basic service where it had its cambelt changed.

If anyone can tell me what it might be and how i go about resolving it (and the cost!) i will be a happy ford owner, or just tell me its my shockingly bad clutch control/driving

Thanks in advance!

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Steering I have no idea on, but the squeal when changing gear sounds like the cluth thrust bearing. Shouldn't be too much trouble until the clutch goes. If its possible though, get it checked out - any garage worth their salt will look at stuff to let you know for sure like this for free.

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