Focus MK2 Wagon slow/student build

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I figured it was time to make my own thread since I will own the car for at least one year.

BTW, I'm from Slovenia, so you know where to put me on the map.

Got this car from my dad in the spring. Took it because I knew the car was fine, got big service recently, so no big investments mechanical wise for some time. I'm coming from a 3dr Golf mk3, which was pretty low, I was always something doing on it. Here's a pic if someone would be interested.




Focus is a wagon/estate/turnier/caravan whatever you like to call it. I really don't need that much space, two doors and 4 seats do it for me, but here I wasn't been able to choose. On the other hand mk2 focus to me looks better in estate version than hatchback. Almost forgot. It's 1.6 tdci with 100 hp. Yes, 100 hp. I still don't know if it is upgraded 90hp model or donwgraded 109 hp model.Weird, since you basically don't see 100hp anywhere but I guess it was some kind of a special edition. The trim is called "fifty", which adds to the standard Focus 3 spoke wheel, rear parking sensors (I don't know if those are oem or aftermarket), heated seats, heated windshield.

Ok enough word, here is a pic on winter setup.




First mod was to change climate control buttons from the ones on aliexpress 😛



Then it was time to go on summer setup. Wheels are from before, but I won't change them this year, cause they look fairly ok and the tires will last just enough through this season. Momo something 8j et45 on 225/45/17. Also did my callipers in yellow.





Updates are comng, but slowly, cause I'm a student.



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Does anyone have pictures of lowering springs in their car. (estate)? I just installed Fk's and front did drop, bit rear didn't. Format thought was I turned them upside down, bit the writing on springs is not upside down, so I'm guessing that's not the problem.

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The MK3 Golf is very very pretty :in_love:

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Heh, thanks, it was fun first car, although it didn't drive as well as Focus. But at least parts were cheap.

As for lowering springs, today I just cut 2 dead coils on each side and now it sits much better. Pics tomorrow.

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