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Where's the Starter Motor on an MK7?


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Hello hello,

Apologies for doing the old sign up to a forum just to ask for help thing, but I'm a bit stuck.

I'm just trying to replace the starter motor on my 09 Fiesta TDCi diesel. The problem is, I can't find it...

I was using the thread below as my guide:

So, I've taken out the battery, battery tray and metal bracket. This is where I became stuck as I can't see the starter motor anywhere.  I've jacked the car up and had a look underneath but can't see much because of the plastic tray.

I'm wondering if a) anyone could point me the direction of where I should be looking based on the photo and b) whether you think it's worth me taking the plastic tray off the bottom and just finding it that way. 

Thanks for your help 👍


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1 hour ago, TomsFocus said:

You'll need to remove the undertray if you've still got one fitted.  The starter is above the driveshaft behind the engine.

Yeah, I was thinking that was going to be the only way. Thanks for the reply, pal. 👍

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21 hours ago, BP2411 said:

It's in a strange location lol, I done mine on a 1.4 tdci engine so not sure if it's in the same location on different engines.

You're not kidding haha, I couldn't find it from above, so I went underneath and stuck a red screwdriver where it was so I could get some idea where I needed to be looking for the bolts.

I've attached a picture of the two bolts you need to find and undo in case any poor soul has to this job in the future and stumbles across this thread. 👍 


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