info about subwoofer and original sony unit

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Hello everyone,
I have a ford fiesta of 2012, European version.
I need to know which cables are related to the rear Speakers that arrive behind the stereo of my car.
I have the original sony radio, I think it's called premium sound system in Italy (I'm Italian), the radio is the one with the shiny black mask.
the subwoofer is JBL basspro SL, and in the instructions he says to connect it to the rear speaker cables with the high level inputs.
you can also tell me if this is a good way to connect it?
because some people say that the dsp is a problem (i don't use music preset of the radio but i set my preferences for the levels of bass treble fader etc), others say that the front Speakers are always active because of the bluetooth and would not allow the subwoofer to turn off,
because the jbl basspro sl turns on when current comes from the high level inputs.
Thank You guys

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