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Fiesta Titanium TDCi - software problems?

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  • Name: Steve
  • Ford Model: Fiesta Titanium 1.6 TDCi
  • Ford Year: 2012
  • UK/Ireland Location: Selkirkshire

Hi Folks,

I have a problem with my Fiesta Titanium 1.6 TDCi (2012) which seemed to start yesterday.


I was driving along the motorway and the cruise control suddenly switched itself off. I thought at first I have hit the button, so tried to press the 'resume' button but nothing happened. So pressed the 'on' button and then 'set+' and it was fine.


Then on the way home the same thing happened, but I couldn't get it to turn back on at all, it was like the buttons just weren't registering. I kept trying and it eventually came on, but switched itself off again after 10 seconds. Repeat several times until I got home.


At this point I did a quick Google search and a few people who had experienced something similar had disconnected the battery for 15 mins to reset the ECU, so this is what I did. Plugged it back in again and went for a spin this morning - problem still there.


Now the auto function for the climate control has come on by itself and I can't turn it off either by pressing the button or through the voice control.


I'm thinking the two things are related and that there is some kind of software glitch - would that be correct?


I will try to find my code reader and see if there is anything stored, but I'm guessing a trip to a Ford dealer to ask them to refresh/update the software is probably what I'm going to need to do?


Thanks in advance for any help or advice.

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