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Fiesta Mk5 Rear Hub Nut - Torque / Reuse?

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I need to replace the drum brakes on my old zetec s (mk5). 

Q1. Can I reuse the hub nut? Some say yes, some say no. Most confused. 

Q2. The torque setting is apparently 235nm. My wrench only goes to 204nm. Some say just tighten it as tight as humanly possible. Or do I need a new torque wrench?

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Can you reuse the nut?  Yes.  Should you?  Not really no...  

The bearing can be damaged if you over tighten the nut, so best not to jump on the bar.  But you can get away without another torque wrench.  I'd tighten it to 204 with your wrench, then give it a bit more with a solid bar, you should feel it come to a stop shortly after that, no need to try pushing it past that point.  

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