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Focus MK2 2007 TDCI Advice

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Hello to everyone!

So I managed to pick up a Ford Focus 2007 2.0 TDCI Ghia 136BHP model. I got this cheap as a beater for a year so far Ive replaced a wheel bearing, washer pump and 3 bulbs and got it through its MOT.

Now I have noticed a little rumble noise when Idling and dipping the clutch removes this noise. I am no mechanic expert, far from it but to me this points at the DMF right or clutch plate or both ahahha.

So far talking to a garage they said thats around £800 which does seem a little pricey although no doubt thats due to time. Which  got me thinking! If I am replacing this probably a good time to throw in a cambelt and oil service and consider a remap to make the car a little more fun to drive so before I approach a Mechanic friend to see if he will help out for some cash has any one done a remap on a focus 2.0 TDCI 136BHP and do you have any advice?

Do you think the OEM clutch and fly handle a power increase of 25-40bhp / up to around 75-90Nm increase? Figures claimed but I know it will be some what different for every car and the only true way to get a true figure is a rolling road.

Any help will be great!


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16 hours ago, chrisjbooth said:

I believe clutch release bearing would make a noise and stop when the clutch is depressed.

Usually replaced along with the clutch. 

Cheers dude for the reply! Funny enough I read up yesterday morning on another forum that it could be the clutch release bearing. I have a few minor things to sort out and then maybe I may get it done although  or shift it on as I thinking of maybe getting hold of 2009/2010 RS as a ling term plan! Complete change in direction I know! 

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