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Fiesta ST180 intake


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For those, who are like me, I like to tinker and do my own thing with my car.  When it comes to intakes, I've never bought a full intake kit, but have made it myself, some you can get away with just fitting a filter with standard piping, like I did with my Clio.  Others you need to change pipes etc.  So when it comes down to the ST, the hardest part to find is the MAF housing, you can get one from AIRTEC, but it's £80 plus postage.  I think I've found one from A and K motorsport, looks the part and at only £23.50, I think I may be onto a winner.  I'd rather build my own kit than be forced to use one and be charged extortionate prices for.  I've also found the intake pipe from either CEUK or DNA Performance (FYI DNA Performance is cheaper).  It's not about modifying a car on a budget, it's about making the car yours, and not having to bend over and let these companies play you like a sock puppet. I'll copy the link below and add a photo of the housing, looks like a no brainer to me.  Just so you can see, DNA Performance intake pipe £40, MAF housing £23.50 and a RAMAIR filter with 70mm neck £30, not even £100 intake kit = sorted.




I'm not sure if anyone on here has used the housing, but if you have, let me know of your experience and what you thought about it.




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