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SYNC3 update


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Yesterday on checking the Ford sync update site I was informed that an update was available. Earlier this year I carried out a update in which the SyncMyRide folder contained 7 files and indicated that it was 'modified' 2018/03/23. Yesterdays download SyncMyRide folder contained 8 files and indicated that it was 'modified' 2018/09/04. Having installed this new download into the car which only took 10-15 minutes I then went back to the Ford sync website and entered the log file I received during the install. On rechecking the website a few minutes later I was informed I was up to date. Later yesterday evening I revisited the website to see if I could get the map update and was informed that there was once again a sync3 update available the same size as the one I downloaded in the afternoon. This morning I thought I would retry down loading and re-installing into the car but it appears the Ford sync update site has gone down.

Anyone else out there had this problem?

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Ford site back up and working again 11:15. Re downloading and reinstall this afternoon and see what happens.

Update. Have re-installed it into car. Same result, after 7 minutes screen shows 'Update successfully installed'. Checked in settings and still showing Ver3. What I think is happening is that Ford are not retaining the log file I send as requested and the original Ver3 update keeps getting sent. The reason being if I re-check for updates as soon as the log file is sent to Ford it says my system is up to date. If I check again after an hour it says there is an update available. Another strange thing that has happened is that on 9th August I had an outstanding 'Field service alert' carried out by my local dealer. This is still showing up as outstanding on both Etis and FordPass. Can't see my local dealer not notifying Ford as they would not get paid for the work being carried out. It was done as it was carried out well I waited. Just seems Ford data base does not keep any update logs it is sent. Double checked VIN number all OK so I think I shall just give up and ignore it. Pointless emailing Ford as would receive usual reply 'check with dealer'.


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