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RAIDER32's Mobius Maxi Dashcam


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I'm now on my third dashcam, having ordered the Mobius Maxi a few months ago (first Mobius then JooVuu X, now Mobius Maxi)

Mobius Maxi on eBay (original seller)


I didn't like the JooVuu X's features they were tough to use, but I liked the UltraWide 21:9 Video Aspect (poor Bit-Rate though)

The Mobius Maxi is better than the original Mobius, but I wish it had a 21:9 aspect ratio like the JooVuu X.

My only complaints is the focus is not fixed, it is easily put out rotating the lens housing, that's easily done taking off the rubber lens cap.

After finding my focus was completely off (rendering days of video useless), I connected it to my tablet and focused it properly and scored a line into it.

The rubber cap comes in black and fits snugly around the lens, a few times I never noticed it was still on, hence why I put Red Tape on it. 

Mobius Maxi.jpg

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2018-09-27 Don't Mind The Red Light (Or Kids)

It's first thing in the morning with kids about and this fool goes through a red light just missing a kid crossing.

Had that kid stepped out a couple of seconds later it would have been very close.

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