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Increasing bhp of my mk4 Mondeo


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on the beginning I want to say I am a total "noob" in terms of what can/should be done in order to "tune" the engine. 

What I would like to get is to go to a guy who knows this stuff, chip/do something with the engine that would increase engine power/bhp/acceleration of the car WITHOUT damaging it short or long term.

Is it possible? If so, what's the usual pricing and increase in bhhp you could get? I have 2.0 mk4 with 140 bhp currently.

Many thanks for the answer and sorry if question is dumb.

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You'd be looking around 180bhp after a remap and heaps more torque, pricing you'd be looking anywhere from £250-£600 I was charged £250 if I remember correctly, finding a proper tuning garage will not be difficult for you since you live down London, make sure it's a proper remap and get a dyno print out to prove the increase.


I had a 1.6 TDCi Focus with 113bhp standard and after my remap it went to 151bhp (on dyno) with 350NM torque.


Don't forget to tell your car insurance about the remap as it will void your insurance in the event of an accident, I was 24 when I had my remap and it only cost me £60 ish to add onto my policy

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You say you have a 2l but is it petrol or diesel? turbo or non-turbo?

If it's non-turbo then your gains are going to very minimal and probably not worth the cost. For example, a 2l Duratec petrol 142bhp with bluefin will get you an extra 10bhp and cost you £250, but a 2l TDCI 140bhp will get an extra 20-33bhp depending on the year, for £359.


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