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Fitting Alloys to Sierra


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Hi all


Just a query.  I managed to source some MK1 Ford Focus MP3 alloys and wonder what do I require to allow them to fit to my 1991 Ford Sierra Ghia Hatchback.

The wheel details are:


Wheel width - 7 J

PCD - 4 X 108

Offset - ET 41

Part number - 2S4J-AA

Tyre size - 215/45/R17 


The current alloys are 14" polished alloys.

Wheel width - 5.5 J

PCD - 4 X 108

Offset - ET 35

Part number - 6600269

Tyre size - 215/45/R17 


Just looking at viability of these 17'' alloys as 'Summer' wheels.

Fitted one to front RHS last night however the wheel was not wanting to work with shock absorber - tyre was caught under the S.absorber by a good 1 inch.  


Any ideas or is there no way of fitting these to the Sierra. 


If not, I'll just sell them with the tyres. 




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By my crude calculations the inside edge of the wheel is now 26mm closer to the shock and hence why it is touching. The wheel needs to be moved out further with a spacer of somr sort but that will also push the the outerface of the wheel out further which may cause further problems.

I've no experience of using spacers so hopefully someone else can advise.

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Thanks Frembrit. I agree but was hoping someone may have tried to fit said wheels in the past and if so, information as to what they did to make them fit - spacer width, did they need to roll arches, what length of bolts did they use etc?



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