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Puma 1.4 16v 25,600 miles!


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Hello all. 

The Names Jamie from Shropshire and I’ve just acquired my first puma. 
Unfortunately it’s not to keep, more to pass on to someone with more of an interest in these cracking cars. 

Sorry, I’m sure you’ll get these types of questions all the time and I have searched and searched but still unable to find a realistic value for the car. 

So a bit about the car. 

It’s a 2000 x reg 1.4 16v puma. 
In black

It’s had one owner from new, which has been a friend of the family. They originally bought it through their business and then later transferred it over to the ladies name. As this was her way of doing the weekly shop and running about town. 

It has 25,600 miles on the clock. Every MOT is present but unfortunately no history. They had it serviced through the business but no record was kept in the service log book. I have receipts for any work it has ever had done just no stamps. 

The cars itself is close to immaculate. No rust at all and the pantha black paint is shining like new. 
The interior is like a time warp. Pristine. The lady even said that no one has ever sat in the rear seats, and you can tell. 
Seats are still stiff and unmarked and comes with A/C which is still cold. 
I’ve had fitted 3 new tyres as it still has 3 of the original ones on, which were perished as you can imagine they were 18 years old. 

12 months MOT, and I’ve just had it Serviced.

So, could any one please give me an insight into the worth of the car as I am looking to sell. 

Any help would be very much appreciated. 






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