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Hello all,


Firstly, I apologise if this in the wrong section. Secondly, this is only really to satisfy my curiosity. 

So, does anyone else own any Ford model in the Midnight Sky colour? Would also be interested to hear from anyone experiencing the same thing with any other colour.

Unless my car has been resprayed in a bunch of random places and not blended, I’ve honestly never seen such poor colour matching between panels and metal and plastic.

On an overcast day, the car looks a fairly flat blue, but when hit by any form of light, it “pops” in all the wrong ways. Is this just my car?

What I have noticed is that the colour match between metal and plastic seems pretty poor on all Fords in this colour; particularly the front bumper, which looks an almost entirely different colour to the wings and bonnet (metal seems to look purple and plastic more blue-green.

What I haven’t been able to establish is whether the match between metal panels is also bad on all cars. 

So, any thoughts? Is this just what life is like with a car with pearlescent paint?







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