crankcase ventilation hoses MK4

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Hi all. I need a bit of help. I have a 2001 Fiesta MK4 facelift with the 1.25 petrol engine. Probably not the engine you find here the most but hopefully somebody can give me a hand.

In the photos you can see the intake manifold where the tubes from the emission control crankcase have been bitten off probably by a rat. So when I disasembled the manifold, the hoses were not connected so I'm having some trouble figuring out where and how they connect back in place. Also the diagram of parts for this particular car as you can see in the picture has nothing to do with the actual manifold.

Anyone knows what tube I need and how they connect?

The item as pictured number 2 is that a PCV valve? Because my PCV valve has an "L" shape. Very different from the picture that Ford dealer sent me. 





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