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Fitting Remote Locking

James Metcalfe

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I have a Three Door Ford Focus Studio 2006.

It has full central locking throughout, but no remote locking. I am looking to add this to the car.

Could anybody give me any advice? Where is the control module? I have seen kits on eBay for the remote part which are universal, I was wondering how difficult it would be to for to my focus.



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I have just purchased an after market remote entry too.  I bought a 2008 focus last week which no longer has the key fobs.  Central locking works so i am currently working on how and where to fit the after market setup.

It sounds easy to just hook the new controller to the drivers door solenoid however there are about 9 wires that connect to the drivers door lock and they are black.

The second option, is to find where the wires above connect to the GEM control unit.  Issue here is that there are about 100 wires connecting here.  I have a Haynes manual so technically i know the connector and pin identifier however  i dont believe the connectors are labelled.


The 3rd option would be to connect the aftermarket unit to the original "remote control unit" however the RCU has 3 wires which may equate to the required earth, unlock signal, closed signal or it may work in a completely different manner.

I am in the same situation as you but i am hoping to explore this week and get it working 

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It's a shame they aren't all coloured. I'm thinking of looking behind the passenger side fuse box where the entire central locking is controlled from. If that's unsuccessful I will have a look in the driver's door or passenger door solinoid as they both unlock and lock the entire car.

Would you be able to post some pictures of your modifications? And I will do the same when I attempt mine next week.

If I figure it out I will create a YouTube video for it to help others and post the link here.

In my Heinz manual it says the wires should be coloured.




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