Ford Fiesta ecoboost 2015 limp mode

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my ford fiesta ecoboost 1L 2015 goes into limp mode when it rains the
engine management light does NOT come on only the spanner service
when it rains or surface water is about the car will go into limp mode
and the rpm will be all over the place sometimes it will cut out
sometimes it will continue revving up and down to try and stay
started, almost like the air fuel ratio is all mixed up, i took it to
fords and they said 'there is no engine light on so when don't know
the problem' after the hot summer i forgot about it until recently now
its coming up to winter, 3 days ago it done it again and i was right
next to a car garage they plugged it in and told me fault code
P06A6-01 ECM / harness fault, from what i understand there is an
sensor or electrical component getting wet and shorting the car out,
has anyone had a similar problem or any ideas where to start?

after it gets wet i have to leave it a day to dry out and it reverts
back to normal until it rains

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