2010 Focus 1.6TDCi Engine Management Light

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I was wondering if anyone can help me with an issue i am currently having with my Ford Focus 2010 1.6TDCi. The issue i have is that back in August the engine management light came on but no issues appeared to be present with the car, everything seemed normal when driving no loss of power or the car going into Limp Mode. I took the car to a local garage and they reset the codes and all was fine for a week. After about a week the same engine management light came back on and still no driving issues with the car. I took it back to the same place and the error was boost pressure, they reset the error and i got the car booked in with them to clean the turbo as that is what they advised to do first as they had seen the issue on different cars and cleaning the turbo solved those issues. The work was done on the car and when they were taking the turbo out they noticed that there was a lot of black hard gunk in and around the four injectors and they discovered the injectors are leaking and the hard gunk is the diesel from the exhaust leaking into the engine bay but they didn't want to clean them because of how much of a mammoth task it is and didn't want to do it as it could take a while and could cost a lot even though i was willing to pay to get this done.  Once the turbo was clean everything was reset again. I needed the car to drive to York so hence why i got the turbo cleaned so the car has had a good blasting after the turbo was cleaned. The trip to York i had no problems with the car and the engine management light didn't come back on so all was good for a month and then last month the light came back on. I spoke to the garage who cleaned the turbo and the next cheapest option they suggested was to replace the boost pressure sensor. It took them a while to think what to do so this has only been done on Tuesday 16/10/18. When they replaced the pressure sensor they looked at the errors and there was a new error about the DPF having a problem but they reset everything and i picked the car up. Wednesday as i was driving home from work i looked down at the dash and the light had come back on again. They did say that if the engine management light does come back on then the next thing would be to replace the turbo which to me seems a bit extreme but maybe it is the turbo.

At this moment in time i'm very reluctant to spend too much for it to not be fixed so i was wondering if anyone had experienced the same problem with this model of Ford. I am however going to get a reader to try and see what error codes are coming up and will be going to clean the injectors and replace the injector rods and reseal so that will be one problem solved.



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