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Installing the Teflon seal on the power steering pressure hose

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When you install a new Teflon seal on the power steering hose, should the seal tighten up in its groove so it doesn't move?

I used a funnel to make an install tool, and I soaked the seal in hot water for several minutes before installing. It went on with no problems, but after 24 hours it hasn't tightened up. It's loose in its groove and I can rotate it around the the fitting with my fingers. Is it even worth reinstalling the hose, or is it guaranteed to leak?

Below is a photo of my tool and the installed seal. I'm concerned that maybe the funnel plastic was just that little bit too thick and it's stretched the seal too far, but then again, I don't know how thick the proper metal tool is.

I have one more unused seal, and if the installed one is now useless, I was thinking about just wrapping the threads in one layer of duct tape and cutting the funnel to the same diameter as the top of the fitting just to get the seal started.



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