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Governor mod equivalent for TDDi engine


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Preface: I'm modifying a Ford Fiesta mk4 FL or mk5 (dunno how you guys name it to be honest, it's year 2000) and since it's not a Fiesta mk3 engine, nor is it VW, thing known as governor mod doesn't apply here. Or does it? I've searched the whole net twice (if not more) and couldn't find an answer. It seems like nobody's interested in going upstream (and that's completely understandable) and using a diesel in anything sport-related is considered a blasphemy or at least a joke 🙂

I don't want to write a short book here, so I'll describe briefly the situation I'm in.

I have a standard IB5 box and completely rebuilt engine with NA camshaft, custom manifolds, modded GT2052, custom downpipe and exhaust with a single, low restriction muffler, added IC and (well, yadda, yadda). The issue is, it's got a lot of power and I can't go over ~120mph with that thing because it's hitting rev limit of about 4650rpm. My friend had built an mk4 (year 98 or so) Fiesta with the older pump type, changed the internal piston to 11mm one, did the gov mod and can rev that thing up to about 6200rpm with T25 forcing the air into the engine. I don't need such insane rpm's, honestly I think that 5,5krpm would suffice, but everywhere I go, I either get the "just buy VW engine and do the gov mod" approach or I hear "it can't be done" statement and I just don't buy it.

I think that there are many things that can be done, it's just that people don't want to mess with something that takes a lot of time or requires additional effort. And since it doesn't require to change any parts, just tune/change the ECU injection map, it should be easier than taking out the pump, right?

So, I'm asking directly in the Ford Tuner's Mecca - can this be done? Is there anybody who has done such a thing? If not, is there anyone who has the capability and would want to do/try that?

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