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Fiesta MK7 100ps remapping


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So I know there are countless threads on the forum regarding remapping but many of them are quite old and seem to focus on the bigger engine sizes.

I am considering applying a remap to my 100ps Mk7 Fiesta. I am only wanting to increase performance slightly to something similar to the next size up (I know I should have bought the bigger engine if I wanted more). My understanding from the forums is that the 100ps and 123ps are the same except for the material the Turbo is manufactured from (though different threads give different answers) and the gearing is the same on the two but different on the 5th gear for the 140ps. Is this still the case?

I have read several threads where people say they have had issues with their clutches a short while after a remap. They all seem to be mentioning the usage of BlueFin though. Is this still the case with the Mk7 Fiesta? I am looking at getting Revo remapping at Riverside Racing in Liverpool. They quoted me a price include some Dyno testingb which seems fair. Has anyone had experience with these guys? Also does Revo preserve the limiting the stock ECU places on gears one and two to prevent Synchro failures.

I understand that increased performance over stock will result in more wear and tear and regular servicing and maintenance of the vehicle can mitigate a lot the problems, allowing you take any action before a problem progresses.

Are there any other issues with component failure on the MK7 100ps I should be aware of?

Apologies if this has been brought up before, I was not able to find the answers on the forum.

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