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56 plate Focus mk2 possible inner tie rod issue?


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Past month I've noticed something feels off with my cars stability and handling. When turning corners can feel a bit off, also going over any bumps or uneven ground feels off. Today I checked tie rods, drop links and wishbone support arms. Everything looks old but generally nothing stood out. Only thing I noticed is my drivers' side inner tie rod boot looks a bit skewed. Not sure if this could indicate a problem or boot just may not be on straight. I've attached pics of both inner tie rods for comparison. Any thoughts?



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hard to tell from that. If the car was jacked up under the body and not the wishbone then the suspension would hang down altering the angle of the tie rod, and if the steering turned to left then that would alter the angle also. 

If it was mine I would probably do a tracking check. Hard to do precisely without special equipment but you might be able to rig something up that would give an idea if it was something obvious like an inch out,    In my experience too much toe in means too much self centering feel, too much toe out then the steering does not want to self centre. 

I made my own checking tool from a long heavy metal tube that is wider than a car and then welded uprights on each end which are about the height of half way up the average wheel rim. 

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