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What's the best way to get this out


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It's a bolt (rounded and very rusty) on the front wing/ bumper on a mk1 focus. I can't hammer a socket on a the bumper as it "bounces" can't grip with moles ect can't put a torch as it'll melt the it (bumper). Only thing i can think of is the dremmel with a small grinder. 


It's all that's holding me putting a new one (wing) on..


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Dremel or file 2 flats on the outside to suit an open ended spanner. If the spanner slips then go back to vice grips. You'll probably sheer it off though so use plenty of plusgas and hope you don't have to drill the rest of the screw out.

You could just go to drilling it out, you just have to be very accurate when finding the centre. Only issue is finding out what thread it is.

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On the other side is a plastic square raw plug type looking thing, I'll have another go shortly as I'm working outside and been raining. As said above I'll use the dremmel and hope for the best. 

I'll get Hammerite smooth for behind the liner, Ford ect should be ***** ashamed of themselves the way they DON'T underseal stuff properly but it's all down to money. 

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