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Rear suspension trailing arm bush issue?

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I have had my mondeo for a year now and for roughly 9 months of this time I've had a loud creaking and knocking from the drivers rear.


During this time the car has sailed through it's MOT in June and spent numerous days in 4 different garages investigating the issue to no avail.


The video is the noise I get when parked, the noise remains and develops into a noise similar to that of a chirping budgie in my ear [emoji23]


I'm slowly losing my mind and after considerable research I think it could be the rear suspension trailing arm bush which I believe is a common issue. The anti roll bar bushes have been checked and are OK as this was another possible place I've been advised to check.


Does anyone have any advice or recommendations about this issue as I'm going to end up giving it to the local Ford garage and paying the £200 to replace the Bush in the hope it will resolve the issue.




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My 2011 model used to do that, although not that bad. I changed the trailing arm bushes ealier this year and I don't recall it making that sound anymore ( I changed them because they had 'gone' and was causing weird a handling problem when going round corners/bends). My car had done about 80K miles of mainly B and A road driving, what has yours done? might be time to change them.

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My estate had a recent mot, and during the rigorous checking of the rear suspension, one of the droplinks broke. As my car is 17 years old and the droplinks were original anyway,  I replaced them both and am still astounded how QUIET the car is now; all the creaks that I'd lived with for years and got used to, are gone. So I'd say before tackling a bush, and you can SEE if a bush has collapsed, try the droplinks. 

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