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Heating stuck on high


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Hi, I've got a 66 plate, February 2017, S Max Titanium.  After getting back in the car at the shops earlier, the heating is stuck on max / high.  The only way to get cooler air to come out is to turn the temperature all the way down to low, then the air con max setting kicks in.  There is no in between setting.  If you have it 15.5 degrees, it pumps out really hot air.  If you have it at 21 degrees, it is the same.  The air con button is illuminated and doesnt make any diffrence.  I have done a factory reset by following all the touch screen settings and done a scan for updates, but nothing needs to be downloaded. Nothing else seems amiss, all is working as normal.  Can anyone suggest anything or is it a case of going back to a main dealer to look at the internal thermostat?

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