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Ford Focus 1.6 TDCI wont start! (not alternator, battery or starter motor)

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Hi everyone, having an issue with getting my 1.6 2009 tdci ford focus to start, when turning the key all It makes is one tick noise and doesn’t turn over. Have managed get it started (only by bump starting), but once I’m driving I get ABS warning, traction control warning, power-steering malfunction dashboard warning, the battery light and various others coming on and off. 

I instantly assumed it was the alternator not charging the battery, after testing the battery and it being around 11/12v with the engine running I decided to get this replaced at the mechanics. Unfortunately had the same problem after getting that replaced so they put on a new battery but still had no luck turning over. Earlier today the mechanics have decided to narrow it down to being the starter motor which I had replaced this afternoon but still no change with starting the car. 

Has anyone had a similar situation or have an idea of what it could be? 


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 A suggestion what you may need to do as with any modern car is to look and see if there is any codes stored in your cpu .You will need a code reader (loads on fleabay)  or some one to do it for you (not a cheap option nowadays) this may give to some inkling  what  may be going on it will hopefully put you  in the right direction . With out the stored code (if there are any) you could be cashing your own tail forever guessing and spending soft money on the wrong thing ,as even the smallest thing could stop a modern car from starting . it realy could be anything the codes will help

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