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Reverse cam

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I am doing some research on putting reverse cam on Ford Kuga 16 plate with sync 2 head unit . I have ordered camera which I hope will come today . I am not sure if a CanBus relays is needed but will wait & see . I am ok with wireing behind stereo changing pin 14&15 but the bit that not confident is the FORScan I have downloaded the app on windows . I have a Bluethooth elm327 but worried about messing things up . I have asked if anybody can help via skyp or messenger & watch as a do changes . I have looked on u tube but not sure what sync they are useing . I would be happy with paying somebody to help or donate to a charity



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Hi Colin.

I'd recommend getting a hard wired USB to OBD elm327 adapter. The reason being is that bluetooth can drop packets of data, which you really don't want to be doing when you are re-writing module codes.

bluetooth is absolutely fine for OBD reading when you're driving etc but definitely go wired for writing.

Make sure to backup any modules before you modify them. You should only need to write to the IPC central configuration module (at least I need only do this on my fiesta).

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