I don't get notifications for threads that I'm following?

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When I start a new thread I always make sure I'm following it ("notify me of replies"), but I never get any notifications when people reply to it. I need to go into threads manually and look for replies. I'm not talking about the desktop notifications which are sent by the browser, I mean the list of notifications in the bell dropdown at the top-right of the forum interface. The only thing I have in that list is people reacting to my posts ("Thanks", "Like", etc.), but not actual replies. When I go to Manage Followed Content, all the threads says "Immediate notification" next to them (but that obviously doesn't seem to happen). Any ideas?


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On 12/13/2018 at 4:24 PM, Steve said:

have you looked  in spam?

Have you checked settings in



Ahhh - my notification settings could be the issue. They're currently set to this (see screenshot). Thinking that both columns should probably be enabled? Will try that and post back if still no luck. Thanks!


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I think it's sorted now - thanks for the pointer!

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