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Focus Mk2.5 ignition key problem


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I have an annoying problem with my Focus I wonder if others knew how to fix. Sometimes the key wont turn to the third position in the ignition to start the car. It will go to one and two no problem. This seems to happening maybe 50% of the time I try to start the car. Usually taking the key out and trying again is enough to fix it, but that might take several goes.

Its a 2008 Mk2.5 model.

I had a search of the forum for the problem and for most others with ignition problems the key wont turn at all.

The steering lock isn't on either.

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Quite often it will be the steering lock.
Try putting some turning pressure on the wheel before turning the key.
It may also be wear'n'tear on either the key blade or lock barrel itself.
Is it possible that the key blade is slightly bent in any way?

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That's a good point I've not actually tried wiggling the steering wheel. Will give that a go tomorrow.

Do i recall correctly that if the steering lock is on, you cant turn the key at all? Not even to the first position?

The keys in good condition. There was a bit of dirt in the grooves of the key, i thought that might be causing problems but no different after a clean.

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hi, I believe the steering lock is simply a bolt that drops into a hole,  if its fully engaged or fully unengaged the ignition works as normal,  trouble arises when the mechanism is held in limbo because the bolt isn't fully engaged and jambs the ignition barrel.  that's why wiggling the steering wheel works.  

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Had a go this afternoon. When the key won't fully turn the steering is still free to move, and wiggling the steering wheel makes no difference.

Ill have a look into how the steering lock works and see if i can find a link to this behaviour.

I wonder if getting the steering lock on and off a few times might get the system working properly again.

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Had a good at a couple of things today.

Had the same problem with the spare key. Wouldnt turn all the way to the third position.

I tried putting the steering lock on, unlocking it and starting the car from there. That worked for me no problem for five goes running, I thought I'd found the source of the problem then on the sixth go it didnt work.

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