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Going mad tapping noise

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Hi everyone recently bought a fiesta Mk7 1.25 for a little run around as my main car is unpractical at times. Anyway when I first got it it was whisper quiet. I haven't driven it in around 3 weeks or so as I wanted to service etc. Anyway finally go round to giving it a serviced and as soon I finished it developed a tapping. As most people would assume and as I did myself I thought due to the fact that the oil hadent been changed in long time it was thick so might have been masking tappet that were out of spec. Anyway I done the following to try and identify and or fix the issue.


Changed oil and filter 2 times as after the first service the oil quickly fouled within a day or 2 now it's clean


Took off and run auxillary belt to see whether the tapping was originating from their.


Checked and changed spark plugs twice.


Changed the ignition leads.


Removed rocker cover and checked all tappets and all were well within spec


All cam lobes were fine and no signs of scoring or damage.


Boroscope down the cylinders and all cylinders seem fine only cylinder 1 has some extra carbon in it above the rest.


Plan to do a compression test tomorrow to verify cylinders are healthy.


The oil cap does have condensation on it as I bought it just before the temperature dropped and haven't drove it properly.


After all this I still have the noise and I'm at a whits end. Can anyone help??http://cloud.tapatalk.com/s/5c43980aa49ae/VID-20190109-WA0011.mp4


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