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Dear All

I am seeking some help as have two Form Pumas where I live.  One, sadly developed problems with the steering rack (I think) about three/four years ago and the other was involved in an accident last March when an idiot, seemingly, drove through a red light and hit the passenger side of my car 😒.

I am, at the moment, awaiting to find out what is happening with the "injured" Puma, though have initially been advised it is a "write off" because of its age.  However, I am keen to keep/buy back the car as wish to repair it.  The car means a lot to me, as I lost my wonderful Dad in 2017, and he went everywhere in the car with me, I took him to hospital appointments, doctors appointments and shopping. At the end of the day, I love my Puma, and am now having to drive round in a Focus, which I hate!  

I had hoped to be able to use parts from the "donor car" to help repair the "injured" car but, sadly, where I live, believe it or not, I can only have one car, due to a stupid permit situation!  

At the moment, life is far from great and I am not going to go into details here, other than to say that I am on long term sick, have limited funds and have no-one that can help me with the above.  I do not want to just "scrap" the "donor car", however am still waiting to hear what I can/cannot do about the injured car, but one or both are going to have to go, and I do not wish this to happen 😪

If anyone can help/advise, please contact me, as I really do not know what to do.  I am not sure whether to let any parts go off the "donor car" and then scrap it, or try and keep both, so the "donor car" can assist me in getting the "injured" car fixed, however, this does not seem an option at the moment, and I am running out of time 😟  

Many thanks for your help, no time wasters, thank you.


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