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Old Airfix Dambuster model.

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8 hours ago, Nick Y said:

Airfix have actually got some great releases this year, including some of the classic kits like Concorde and the Concorde prototype. 

I need a lot more space to continue building models and displaying them. I've actually built 68 in just over 3 years and they vary in size. I usually opt for 1/72 scale kits but even some of the 1/144 scale kits I have built are quite large (airliners). 

Airfix has gone down hill over the years, all down to them letting India make the kits, from missing parts - warped parts - wrong kits in the box - boxes stinking of curry!
I've been making models since 1989 and got through a few dozen million or so kits, I'm not one for collecting kits but try to build em' instead.

This is one I'm making now, it's a monster but is all totally wrong, so having to rectify the faults as I go a long the way.


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Ahh yes, I've heard a few people mention inaccuracies with that model kit. At 1/32 scale, it will be massive and will be bigger than a 1/24 scale Spitfire or Typhoon.

I actually recently finished an Airfix B.III Lancaster, KC-A (aka Thumper) which the BBMF flew until the end of the 2016 airshow season. 

As for Airfix, I can say I've only had 2 kits (out of 60+) that have had faulty or missing parts. They were good and replaced the parts free.
I also build kits from Italeri (they did a really good DC3/Dakota), Hobbyboss and Revell (mainly airliners or cars). 

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