chuck saylor

98 escort will not start

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Dove 98 escort 2 liter sohc car to work. It ran fine like always. Went to drive it home and it would crank but not start. Replaced plugs, cleaned injectors and tested power to them, checked fuel pressure at rail. All is good with these. Fuel pump working as it should also. I get good spark but no fuel to the cylinders and when I crank the engine and I pull the plugs they are dry. Fuel pressure sensor does not leak either. I am thinking it could be the PCM or the CCRM. Does anyone have any advice or experience with this problem that could help me out here?

Thanks Chuck

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The earlier Escorts, 1991 onwards used to suffer fuse box problems which would cause a non starting issue... I changed one each in and RS2000, two XR3I's and twice in an Orion Ghia SI. No idea if this is the same for you though.

I think the fuse box suffered some sort of corrosion which prevented power going somewhere...I was thinking the fuel pump but I'm sure that was working...used to use an fused wire to take a feed from another fuse and stick it in the affected one...sorry can't remember which. another thing we used to do before we changed the fuse box was to unplug the power lead from every injector, turn the engine over, then reconnect the injectors and it would then start on the next go (this was on the RS2000).

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