Ford 6000CD Radio fault may be draining 1000s of batteries

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I have tested 3 Ford 6000CD radios at random. They are each taking 0.5A when the radio is in the OFF condition. These radios should only take a few milliamps when switched off. I am a Chartered Electronic Radio Engineer and have discovered that the internal radio micro should be sending a voltage condition to the audio/power control chip to switch the set into Standby but instead, a faulty component between the micro and power control chip is setting the radio to Mute mode. When the radio is turned on it operates normally so users would never know the problem and may think their failing battery is simply old. Replacing the car battery obviously disguises the problem. This problem was discovered on 2004 Focus but these radios are fitted across the range. How many of these radios are doing this. It could be tens of 1000s. I would be interested to get responses.



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