Electrical issues on ST mk2?

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Hi guys. I have 2009 Focus ST with Travelpilot Fx radio. I use the car everyday. Lately I have some weird issues coming up. First, about a month ago, I noticed that all of my saved stations on the radio went missing. Then I noticed that my GPS stopped working but that is probably due to faulty antenna which is a common fault. Anyway i set up the stations again and last week they were deleted again. Also it sometimes happens that the radio volume goes to 0 by itself. I crank it up and it plays fine but from time to time it goes silent again. Mainly after starting the car. And just today I used the windscreen washers and the wipers didn't wipe as usual 3 times and after few seconds one more time. Instead they were wiping multiple times and then they stopped in the middle of the windscreen. And last thing, my instruments sometimes for no reason "flash" meaning the brightness goes at max for a second and then it comes back to normal. Did someone have something similar happening? Any advice would be appreciated since I am a bit scared that the electrical issues are starting. Thanks

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