Focus 1.6 Auxiliary drive Belt too long???

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Hello folks


I have a 2000 Focus Estate 1.6 zetec se without air con. I have had to change the power steering pump for another secondhand one. The two pumps are the same and have the same pulley. - I checked them very carefully. I come to replacing the auxiliary drive belt only to find that it is too long. This is the same belt that came off. I am following the diagram in the Haynes manual. Basically the belt goes around the outside of all the pulleys but having gone under the crankshaft pulley the bely comes up over the top of the water pump and back down to the bottom of the power steering pump driving the water pump from the backside (smooth side) of the belt. Hope the pictures show the amount of slack I am left with. HELLLLLP!!   😢



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