Retrofitting reverse camera / front sensors to MK 3.5

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Hey folks, I have a late-2016 facelift Focus Titanium. It has Sync 2 and 4 rear sensors. I was thinking about adding a reversing camera and front sensors (and maybe an extra 2 rear sensors).

I had a look at another thread on here from 2017 about retrofitting a camera, but it looks like its a different head unit and earlier Focus. I feel like I am non the wiser after reading that and doing some Google searches! My last experience with this sort of thing was fitting a camera to a 2005 saloon which was reasonably straightforward thanks to Brigante's useful guide. Front sensors seem more involved, but Bannko's guide looks great!

I guess my questions boil down to:

  • what would I need to buy to add a reversing camera that displays on the Sync 2 unit ? A camera by itself, or camera + module + wiring ??
  • how straightforward is fitting whatever I buy from the question above?
  • how much should I budget for this? The previous reverse camera was cheap as chips; less than 30 quid for the camera and an RCA-USB adaptor so I could see it on my phone. OTOH I've seen 'reverse camera kits', eg this example, which is 315 quid!

Thanks in advance 🙂

Edit: remove strikethrough, not sure why it appeared like that

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Thanks for the reply @Jonro2009, that plug is some really useful info that my Google-fu missed! Any benefit to going OEM camera over another? If the BCM on a later Focus does the line drawing, I take it whatever camera I get I'd want one that doesn't have lines?


I'm happy that it's looking like less than £315 for the 'camera kit' though 😄

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It has not been done to put the active guidelines on a non OEM camera as far as I know, if you want them then you need the full OEM setup. 

My camera has the red/amber/green distance lines but not active guidelines but I know where my car is going to end up so don’t need them, I just need to know I’m not missing seeing a low bollard or child.

my whole setup cost £35 and looks and works OEM from all aspects apart from the active lines. It will show on the Sync2 and 3 using the 54pin APIM extension I linked in the other post.

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That makes sense. Without ever having had the active lines I don't know what I'm missing; but they look like white lines that curve the the direction you're steering? It also seemed as though it can use the sensor info to draw 'enhanced park aids' (see attached or as in this video) too showing the distance to objects; though maybe that's only done in certain regions? I could probably live without those if push came to shove!


From the other thread it seems the OEM part number is EM5T-19G490-FB, and it looks like that can be had for around £40 on eBay shipped from the 'States. Would I be right in thinking the connector from that goes into a matching one in the tail loom?

If that's not suspiciously cheap, and it's as simple as plug-and-play for that; I may go the OEM route.

Edit: that being said, having just gone and taken a look I'm not sure where I would fit an OEM camera as there's not an obvious mounting point, I would have to check with @mastachaz how he did his genuine one!

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where the heck does the OEM camera get fitted?!

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