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Here's the progression of my 2006 Mondeo Silver Edition 2.0 turbo diesel.

When I first got the beast it was very standard with only one issue being window washer sprays are backwards (front wipers go when squirting back window and back wiper goes when front washers squirt)

Since she's been in my ownership here's the list of small mods iv done so far:

A couple of stickers.

Wind deflectors.

Upper and lower grill painted black.

Headlights painted black.

ST spoiler fitted

.I've got some bonnet vents in post and a fair size list of plans for her.





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Finally, I've just braved the grinder to my bonnet and installed the vents. The results are surprisingly good considering I've no idea what I'm doing in never touched a grinder before in my life and only bought one for this purpose. The second one went a lot neater than first. The final picture shall be posted when the tigerseal dries. The only issue I have is how I measured up as I'm useless at most things but oh well damage done. As long as it doesn't look too bad I'm more than happy.











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looks like you done a great job on the vents fella more guts then me lol. when I had vents fitted by nick wiley I dident want to look when he cut the bonnet haha.

the head lights look good to

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Finally got round to getting the rear window washer to work. Turned out to be just a pipe connecter loose. All that's left is to switch the pipes round so the wipers won't be backwards and wiping the window the jets are washing. Whist I had the jet nozzle thing off, I thought id give wrapping a bit of a go and it went not to bad if you look from a distance but looks dreadful close up.



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Got an ST bumper and wings. Modified the wings to relocate the indicators to blend in with some RS vent things. Got myself some new fancy plates from Rola plates aswell






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Just upgraded my seats from cloth to a comfier heated half leather. Easy enough straight swop if it wasn't for stupid threaded screws.














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I think half leather is better than full leather. Do love the look of those in the STs however I'd get it in the 2.2 TDCI but the problem is with the emission charges. 

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