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Lack Of Power, Idling A Little Lumpy Etc

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Mass air flow (maf) sensor was a problem on my old car that caused these symptoms? Split hose a mentioned above?

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Hi all.

Im a bit late in this post and i jst started another one but did you all every sort the problem out. I bought a 2007 1.4 with 14,000 on the clock. the car has started doing the power loss thing to although i dont get any odd noises

many thanks


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I'm going to post here because i opened a thread not too long ago about this. I have exactly the same symptoms and the things i've tried so far are sTp fuel cleaner & new air filter. I took my k&n air filter out and tried a ford. It didn't make much difference apart from acceleration seems to react better. I just came back from ford who saw the needle bouncing up and down at 1k-1.5k rpm (idle is fine) unless cold start (consider this normal). It never fails to start first time. I have however noticed a lack of power or like a choke.

Saying this i recently switched all my tyres from Hankook Ventus 2 -> Avon ZV5 and have noticed the car being a little heavier.

Main issue i have is sometimes when i want to push off fast my car cough's in the middle of the roundabout and then springs back to life. I do find it dangerous when all of a sudden i have no power to leap off the small time i have.

Now, i could say maybe this is a software issue detecting you trying to move off too fast, and hesitates so you don't skid. Easily done with Avon Tyres. But i'm open to any type of conspiracy thinking.

Does anyone also get clunking in the gearbox when switching down gears 2nd - 1st?

1.4 Duratec Engine -_- < 1.0 ecoboost wannabe. :D

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I dont get the cluck but mine has always suffered with being hard to change from 1st to 2nd. I posted a thread on this and its apparently a common issue. Have you ever tried this MAP sensor thing. Apparently they dont have the good old MAF anymore :(

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I am new to this site, I have a ford fiesta 1.25 and the problem I have is the car starts and idls`s fine but as soon as I touch the throttle it cuts out until I go past a certin point, I have renewed the maf sensor and the camshaft sensor also the throttle body sensor and an idle bypass valve.

When the car is idling and I put the lights and heater on the revs die and car cuts out could this be a bad earth.

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Hi all 

I have a 52 plate ford fiesta finesse petrol 

As rare as it sounds I've had a faulty spark plug so I've done throttle body coil pack HT leads and plugs and odd bits 

Speedo has recently broken so had to change it and since then problem as you've all described has started 

Haven't got any hissing noise 

Have noticed she's normally got a growl is the only way to describe it when you put your foot down however noise doesn't appear to be heard when she's pulling back 

Driving me up the wall so if anyone has cracked it please let me know only  bought the car for 800 and already spent over 1000 on it plus now need a new battery so if someone could help that would be amazing 

Thanks very much

Emily :)

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Any updates on this i have the same on my wifes MK6 1.4, cleaned throttle body, pcv, tmap sensor however still the same, it seems however the exhaust is having a leak.. could this be the culpritt? I would say if there is a leak between the o2 sensors they would try to regulate air/fuel mix causing an irratic idle and or loss off power.

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