mk4 mondeo refuses to lock

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just wondering if anyone can help ...

My mk 4 mondeo has just started to refuse to lock - either by the key fob or via the door lock...

it locks then instantly unlocks...... i did change the door panels a few weeks ago..but cant see anything wrong with fitment that would cause this.


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it might be a dodgy solenoid on one of the doors. 

I had a similar thing happen, it would lock if I hit the unlock button first then the lock button but ive heard of all sorts of issues. 

basically the solenoid gets gummed up, clean it up and all was good.  

It might be nothing to do with your issue but its a possibility.

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Had exactly same problem with my partners car MK6 fiesta. After checking door to A frame harness I opened door and sprayed the lock mechanism from all angles using WD40. Use lots of this stuff and it will run out of the bottom of the door. Work lock many times and do it again, lots of WD being used. ( wish i had shares ho ho) It is often the door closed switch which is in the lower part of the door lock. After doing this a few times leave for a week and spray with Silicone grease or liquid grease. 

hope this helps 

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